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About Ole Kehlet
Ole Kehlet and his own Kehlet Folk

“As a luthier, my intention is to create guitars which fulfill the dreams of the artists who play them. My job is to turn dreams into reality. I believe life is much too short to create anything but the ultimate. Kehlet Guitars start where your dreams begin,”
— says Danish guitar maker Ole Kehlet, born in 1952.

In 1973, Ole Kehlet began work as a guitar repairer. A job that gave life to a dream: To realise his own sound, design and his visions of the instrument's playability. It requires both faith and endurance to pursue your dreams, but with great efforts come great results.

Today – more than three decades later – Kehlet, a highly recognized guitar ornamentation artist, too, is holding esteem as one of the leading guitar makers in Europe.

Photo by: Hans Ole Madsen

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