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Kehlet “Great 12 Special Edition Morten Woods”
Morten Woods and his Kehlet 'Great 12 Special Edition Morten Woods'

The Kehlet “Great 12” model was specially designed on request by Danish guitarist Morten Woods who wished for himself a new 12-string guitar with the full sound power of the Kehlet Concert, however slightly smaller in body size.

The “Great 12” was, eventually, given a body shape which combines the features of the Kehlet Concert and Grand Folk “Finn Olafsson Signature” models (see pictures to the right) - The “Great 12 Special Edition Morten Woods” was hereby born.

The experiment proved so successful that Kehlet Guitars have also developed a 6-string model: The Kehlet “Great 6”.

The “Great 6” and “Great 12” may both be ordered in “Basic”, “Standard”,
and “Custom” versions.

Photos by: Hans Ole Madsen

Artist using the “Great 12” ›
Morten Woods

Kehlet Concert Basic

Kehlet Concert Basic
used by Morten Woods

Kehlet Grand Folk 'Finn Olafsson Signature'

Kehlet Grand Folk
“Finn Olafsson Signature”

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