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Morten Woods
Morten Woods with his Kehlet Great 12 Special Edition Morten Woods

Morten Woods - singer-songwriter & guitarist - was born on July 23, 1975, in downtown Copenhagen. His mother is Danish, his father English — therefore his bilingual, Danish-English name.

Morten's first solo album featuring his own songs, “Yours To Keep”, came out in August 2002. He also wrote the track “Miss You” for for the girl-group EyeQ's triple platinum debut-CD.

An experienced side-man and studio musician, Morten has recorded with prominent Danish soloists and bands such as Ann-Louise, Alberte, Søren Sko, Love Shop and Nikolaj Steen and has also been performing extensively with female singers Sanne Salomonsen and Julie.

Kehlet Guitars used by Morten Woods (see pictures to the right):

  • Kehlet Great 12 “Special Edition Morten Woods”
  • Kehlet Concert Basic
  • Kehlet Folk “Tiger Wood”

Morten Woods and his Kehlet Great 12 Special Edition Morten Woods

Morten Woods live in Tivoli, Copenhagen, with female singer Julie

Morten Woods with female singer Julie, live in Tivoli, Copenhagen - June 15, 2007.
Above: Morten & his Kehlet Great 12 “Special Edition Morten Woods”.

Portrait & guitar photos by: Hans Ole Madsen
Concert photos by: Johnny Mørch

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Morten Woods' Kehlet Folk Tiger Wood

Morten Woods'
Kehlet Folk “Tiger Wood”

Morten Woods' Kehlet Concert Basic

Morten Woods'
Kehlet Concert Basic

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