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Kehlet Great 6
Kehlet Great 6, front Kehlet Great 6, back

The Kehlet “Great” model was specially designed on request by Danish guitarist Morten Woods who wished for himself a new 12-string guitar with the full sound power of the Kehlet Concert, however slightly smaller in body size.

The “Great 12” was, eventually, given a body shape which combines the features of the Kehlet Concert and Grand Folk “Finn Olafsson Signature” models (see pictures to the right) - The “Great 12 Special Edition Morten Woods” was hereby born.

The experiment proved so successful that Kehlet Guitars have also developed a 6-string model: The Kehlet “Great 6”.

The “Great 6” and “Great 12” may both be ordered in “Basic”, “Standard”,
and “Custom” versions.

Photos by: Hans Ole Madsen

Artist using the Great 6 ›
John Sund

Kehlet Concert Basic

Kehlet Concert Basic
used by Morten Woods

Kehlet Grand Folk 'Finn Olafsson Signature'

Kehlet Grand Folk
“Finn Olafsson Signature”

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