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Kehlet Millenium™ 2000 - A Glimpse of the Future

The Millenium™ 2000 model is a study in design. Its basic shape is an original Kehlet Guitars patent. “Millenium” is Kehlet's vision of the guitar of the future — its lines are daringly off-kilter and edged — but the guitar still stands as a harmonic and integrated form.

The Millenium™ 2000 model is made for guitarists who want the ultimate instrument and feel in tune with this new, visually flamboyant shape - unique in the entire world.
While the shape is new, the sound is unmistakably Kehlet. The original shape offers a high degree of dynamics and egality.
The Millenium™ 2000 is the ultimate performance guitar.

Photos by: Hans Ole Madsen

Kehlet Millenium™ 2000 ›

Top: Quilted German spruce
Back and sides:
Flamed maple
Inlays in headstock,
fingerboard, rosette
& bridge:

Mother-of-pearl, abalone
& brass
Scale length: 650 mm

Gallery ›

Artist using the
Kehlet Millenium™ 2000 ›

Finn Olafsson

Finn Olafsson recording with the Kehlet Millenium(TM) 2000

When Finn Olafsson
recorded the additional
track “Tracery” for his
CD “Acoustic Guitar”, the
Kehlet Millenium was kindly
lended him by its owner,
Helle Kromann.
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