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Acoustic Guitar 2

Finn Olafsson's solo CD
“Acoustic Guitar 2”
Olafssongs OCD 044

“Acoustic Guitar 2”
was recorded with
Kehlet Guitars exclusively:

Kehlet Folk “Rio”
Kehlet Folk Deluxe
Kehlet Folk Vintage
Kehlet Concert Deluxe
Kehlet Millenium™ 2000

"Acoustic Guitar 2"
can be ordered at

Finn Olafsson

Finn Olafsson playing his
Kehlet Folk Vintage guitar

Finn Olafsson

Finn Olafsson showing his
Kehlet Folk Deluxe guitar

Photos: Hans Ole Madsen
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Finn Olafsson

Finn Olafsson with his Kehlet Grand Folk 'Finn Olafsson Signature'
Danish guitarist, composer & producer Finn Olafsson is an expert on steel-stringed instruments. He began his career in 1968 as co-founder of the legendary rock band Ache - a band that became known all over Europe.

Around 1970, Finn Olafsson started working with acoustic guitars, first with Ache and later as a sideman for several Danish artists. He is featured on more than 150 Scandinavian releases. But it is on his solo albums and his concerts and duo records with guitarist Anders Roland that his guitar artistry is most clearly expressed.

“I have been recording with Kehlet Grand Folk “Finn Olafsson Signature”, Folk “Rio”, Folk Deluxe, Folk Vintage, Concert Deluxe and Millenium™ 2000. They all sound terrific, and their tuning properties are impressive. And I am fascinated by the amazing craftsmanship and the overall impression of shere quality of the Kehlet guitars.

I am a bit of an inlay freak, and my desires were more than fulfilled. My other guitars had met their match! A sure sign of this was when I began to write new music on the Kehlet guitars - in fact, all of the tracks on my latest solo album, “Acoustic Guitar 2” were recorded on Kehlet guitars."

Kehlet Guitars used by Finn Olafsson:

  • Kehlet Grand Folk “Finn Olafsson Signature”, 6-string
  • Kehlet Folk “Rio” — Kehlet Folk Deluxe – Kehlet Folk “Vintage”
  • Kehlet Folk “Black Beauty” — Kehlet Concert Deluxe

Finn Olafsson Kehlet Guitars models under construction:

  • Kehlet Grand Folk “Finn Olafsson Signature”, 12-string
  • Kehlet Grand Folk “Finn Olafsson Signature”, 6-string no. 2

Picture gallery:
View and compare the Kehlet Guitars models used by Finn Olafsson ›

Finn Olafsson showing different variations of his Kehlet Signature Guitar at the Copenhagen Guitar Show 2013 Part 1

Go to Finn Olafsson's website and listen to him
performing on Kehlet Guitars:

www.finnolafsson.com ›

Finn Olafsson playing his Kehlet Grand Folk Finn Olafsson Signature

If you want to learn more about Finn Olafsson:

Finn Olafsson has released two remarkable solo CDs,
“Acoustic Guitar” & “Acoustic Guitar 2”:

“Acoustic Guitar 1 & 2” press release (PDF, 88 kb)›

In September 2004 Danish music magazine “Musikeren” featured an article written by Finn Olafsson on the outstanding qualities of the Danish Kehlet Guitars:

“World Class Craftsmanship” (PDF, 107 kb) ›
"Håndværk i verdensklasse" (PDF, 107 kb) ›

In December 2004 Danish music magazine “Folk & Musik” featured an interview with Finn Olafsson focused on his fascination with the Kehlet Guitars:

Interview in “Folk & Musik” (PDF, 523 kb) ›

Danish music magazine Sound Check, February 2005, presents an interview with Ole Kehlet & Finn Olafsson, including photos from the workshop:

www.soundcheck.dk ›

Finn Olafsson playing his Kehlet Folk Rio

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Photos by: Hans Ole Madsen

Links ›


Finn Olafsson at
Musikmesse Frankfurt 2007

Biography at www.olafssongs.dk

Anders Roland &
Finn Olafsson

Finn Olafsson: Acoustic Guitar

Finn Olafsson's solo CD
“Acoustic Guitar”
Olafssongs OCD 043

When Finn Olafsson
recorded the four
additional tracks,
“The Waddling Duckling”,
“Tracery”, “The Rag”,
and “The Eternal Journey”
for the re-release of
his “Acoustic Guitar” CD,
3 Kehlet models were used:

Kehlet Folk “Rio”
Kehlet Folk Deluxe
Kehlet Millenium™ 2000

“Acoustic Guitar”
can be ordered at


Anders Roland &
Finn Olafsson's
5th CD album “Blues”
Olafssongs OCD 051


Anders Roland &
Finn Olafsson's
4th CD album “DUO”
Olafssongs OCD 041

Kehlet guitars used
on “Blues” & “DUO”:

Kehlet Concert
Kehlet Folk Deluxe
Kehlet Folk Vintage

“Blues” & “DUO”
can be ordered at
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