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John Sund
John Sund with his Kehlet Great 6 Special Edition John Sund

Debuting at the age of 18, John Sund was commissioned as a soloist together with the Danish Radio Big Band, led by Palle Mikkelborg, in a work written by pianist Thomas Clausen. John was one of the first “jazz” artists to receive the prestigious Jacob Gade's Grant in 1977, (a grant normally reserved for classical artists, only).
Danish jazz-reviewer Boris Rabinowitsch called him, quote: “A discovery of a Niels Henning Ørsted Pedersen dimension.”

John has worked with numerous groups including: Creme Fraiche Big Band (since reformed), D.R. Workshop-group/Palle Mikkelborg, Thomas Clausen, Debbie Cameron, Ben Besiakov, Bo Stief, South Indian violinists Ganesh & Kumaresh, and Somalian Real World recording artist Mariam Mursal. As a composer he has, among other things, written extended works for the Danish Radio Big Band and the Copenhagen Art Ensemble.

Presently, John Sund is working with World On A String (with Bjarke Falgren, Ole Theill, Morten Lundsby), Acoustic Sense (with Lelo Nika, John Ehde, Ayi Solomon and Morten Lundsby). Also, there are possible plans of reuniting the band Special Venture in connection with their newly released CD “Twice”.

World On A String's debut CD “World On A String” was nominated in the category “Best Cross-over CD of the Year” by Danish Jazz Awards and “Best World CD” by Danish World Awards (2005). Likewise, Acoustic Sense's CD “New Gems” was among the nominees for the Danish World Awards in the category “Best World CD of the Year” (2004).

Kehlet Guitars used by John Sund (see pictures below):

  • Kehlet Great 6 “Special Edition John Sund”

Kehlet Great 6 'Special Edition John Sund', front Kehlet Great 6 'Special Edition John Sund', back

The Kehlet Great 6 “Special Edition John Sund”.

Select discography:
John Sund & The Danish Radio Big Band: “Fusion Symphony”
    (Olufsen Records - 1995)
Special Venture: “Special Venture” (Intermusic - 1999)
John Sund & Acoustic Sense: “New Gems” (Cope Records - 2003)
World On A String: “World On A String” (Cope Records - 2004)
Special Venture: “Twice” (Gateway Records - 2007)

Photos by: Hans Ole Madsen

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