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Anders Roland
Anders Roland performing on his Kehlet Concert

Born on November 30th, 1950, Anders Roland took up the guitar already at age 11 and was soon under the spell of the folk and blues revival of the day.
Graduating from the Royal Academy of Music in Copenhagen, Anders made his debut as a singer and songwriter in 1981. He teamed up with singers Tom Nagel Rasmussen and Erik Grip, but then – in 1984 – embarked on an intensive, creative and remarkably innovative duo collaboration with guitarist Finn Olafsson.

The duo, “Anders Roland & Finn Olafsson”, explored the potentials of the finger-picked acoustic steel-string guitar to the very core and subsequently recorded three ultimate instrumental acoustic guitar CD's: “Sight-Seeing”, “Feriedage” (“Holidays”), and “Globetrotter”. The two expert guitarists co-composed a lot of varied film and TV music while appearing notably in many TV music broadcasts and playing an incredibly large number of live dates at the biggest festivals, in the smallest music clubs and at schools, art museums and other culture centers, both in Denmark and abroad.

The duo packed it in in 1990, and since then Anders Roland worked for some time with the singer-songwriter Erik Grip and as a solo performer, appearing as a studio musician on a considerable number of recordings by other artists, too. Besides, a new solo album was recorded: “Liv, land og hjerte” (“Life, Land & Heart”), released in 1993 on the Olafssongs label and produced by Finn Olafsson. Anders Roland's first solo instrumental guitar CD, “The Wanderer”, was released by Olafssongs in 1998.

In 2001, Anders Roland & Finn Olafsson resumed their acoustic guitar duo collaboration after an eleven-year break! Their so far most recent instrumental guitar album, “Blues”, was released in 2006.

Photo: Christoffer Askman

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Anders Roland &
Finn Olafsson


Anders Roland &
Finn Olafsson's
5th CD album “Blues”
Olafssongs OCD 051


Anders Roland &
Finn Olafsson's
4th CD album “DUO”
Olafssongs OCD 041

Kehlet guitars used
on “Blues” & “DUO”:
Kehlet Concert
Kehlet Folk
Kehlet Folk Vintage

“Blues” & ”DUO”
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