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Jens Lysdal
Jens Lysdal

Jens Lysdal, singer, guitarist, composer, arranger and producer, was born in Sweden 1960 by danish parents. Following a year in New Orleans, the family moved to Denmark. He was educated at the Royal Danish Music Academy in Copenhagen and has been working professionally since age 13.

In April 2001 he released “Keep the light in your eyes” with the Danish double-bass icon Hugo Rasmussen (Dexter Gordon, Ben Webster, Coleman Hawkins, Harry “Sweets” Edison) and the Danish Radio Symphony Orchestra. That also received tremendous reviews.

Alongside with his carreer as a singer and guitarist, he has produced and arranged for artists like Povl Dissing, Alberte Winding, Kaya Brüel and others. His latest work, a CD with updated Danish songs from middle-age until the present, will be released in fall 2001.
Apart from producing the CD, he is the arranger of the symphony orchestra and the rhythm-group.

In February 2001 he gave concerts at the jazz club “The Loft” in Beijing, China, with Hugo Rasmussen and swedish lap-steel guitarist Gustaf Ljunggreen.
In summer 2001 the duo Rasmussen played at “Västervik Festivalen”, Sweden's biggest singer/songwriter festival and was reviewed by Swedish Radio: “The indisputable climax of the festival”. These rumours got them to Stockholm some weeks later to play at “Mosebakke”, one of Sweden's most well-reputed scenes, at Cornelis Vreeswijk's birthday concert.

As a guitarist he has worked with Pointer Sisters, Donna Summer, Sergio Mendes, Etta Cameron, Sanne Salomonsen, Sebastian, Povl Dissing Alberte Winding, Josefine Cronholm, and many many others.

Picture and text used with courtesy of Thomas Ellestad and www.jenslysdal.com

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