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Atle Thorberg
Brother Brown

“I've been a fan of Ole's work since I started out playing the guitar but never had the bread to buy one when I was a struggling musician back in the days.” Atle explains, “So I guess it's needless to say I was very happy when I finally got one!”

It wasn't just venerance for Kehlet Guitars that made Atle invest in his small bodied folk guitar: “I found that comparing it to other guitars in the same price range; Martin etc. it had a much more fullbodied feel and sound to it than the others. The fretboard is a chapter of it's own being so smooth and precisely pitched all the way up to even the highest notes - it's a very fast guitar without the usual loss of tone and nerve which is so annoying.”

Continues Atle: “It basically blew me away and being so well balanced now I almost dread how great it'll sound in ten years time!!”. Being a pro, quality is of the essence: “When you're working so many hours a day with music as I do it's such a great feeling to have an instrument that you just find yourself playing whenever you have a spare moment or two - I seriosly consider it an investment in my own creativity and wellbeing.”
Deep trance mix already hammered by the likes of Sasha, Diggers and Paul Van Dyk, Christian Smith and John Selway is reclaiming the floor with a real slammin' tech-house stomper, Funkstar D'Luxe with a real “House for da Ladiiiezzz” mix and finally the Brothers themselves churning out both a stone cold dub and a massive full-on vocal mix. If you're into high quality house music this is a record you're gonna die for!

Brother Brown was founded in 1997 and has since established themselves as one of the most well respected remixing/production teams in the world of dance.
Their tracklist includes names as prominent as: Madonna, Christina Aguilerra, Cher, Pet Shop Boys and Avril Lavigne and during 2002 they experienced having 2 different remixes simultaneously at the Billboard Clubplay Top Ten.

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